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Keegan Clements-Housser

Hi! I'm Keegan. I'm a freelance journalist based in the Portland, Oregon area. I like to wander and write - not necessarily in that order.



Is This The Perfect College For the 21st Century?

Everyone knows higher ed’s troubles. Tuition, textbook costs, and student debt are soaring. insult to injury! only 27 percent of college grads find a job in their chosen field. That’s the conclusion of the Wayfinding Academy, a local team of 25 educational professionals who raised $206,451 via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to launch a new kind of community college.
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Can “Mindfulness” Boost A Business? One PDX Meditation Hub Wants To Find Out

Living in the moment. Simplicity. Emptiness. It all may seem foreign to Western business culture. But a growing number of executives think relaxed, “mindful” workers—themselves included—have a serious leg up on less-grounded competitors. Across the country, high-functioning (and, in some cases, highly paid) urbanites are gravitating to a new breed of secular meditation centers: oases of structured, carefully branded serenity, like Unplug in LA and the Path in New York.
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Did Portland Public Schools Get Its Transfer Policy Right?

In 2003, Portland Public Schools adopted a lottery system to make it easier for students to transfer out of their neighborhood schools. They could trust to luck to get into neighborhood schools elsewhere or “focus option” schools offering specialized programs. Siblings of current students at those schools got priority, and the system included some weighting for socioeconomic diversity.
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Mapping PDX’s Newest Direct Flights to International Locales

The story: Launched early last October, this low-cost route courts Oregonians of Mexican descent and their families. “We started with two weekly frequencies, and were quite overwhelmed by demand,” says Volaris spokesman Holger Blankenstein. The company added a third flight time, and plans to add a fourth soon.
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The Portland Paycheck Peep Show!

Mark Parker CEO, Nike: $14.7 million (Parker is the state’s highest-paid corporate CEO.) Jeanne P. Jackson president of product and merchandising, Nike: $4.2 million (Jackson is the highest-paid woman at Nike, according to a report the company filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.)
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Hot Tips from Portland's Financial Pros

“We all have big, earth-shattering ideas. What makes for a truly great start-up founder is someone who can break that boil-the-ocean concept down into achievable tasks, bite-size pieces along the zigzagging line from Point A to Point B. Successful founders balance the entrepreneurial schizophrenia between changing the world and getting one simple thing done, right now.”.
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Reaching Across the Aisle: A Tale of Two Commissioners

Josephine County is broke. It can't afford sheriff deputies, fire fighters, or basic ordinance enforcement. But two county commissioners from opposing ends of the political spectrum are reaching across the aisle to one another to save their county.
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Allen Hall renovation to bring advanced – and very green – technology to SOJC

The new Allen Hall, planned to open this January, will be high tech and very green.
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Changes to new student loans to cost students $20 billion

With undergraduates facing a loss of the six-month interest-free grace period after graduating and graduate and professional students losing access to subsidized loans, higher education is set to become even more expensive.
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Going Off The Derech

A man leaves his faith in search of answers. Continue reading →.

A Long Rebellion

A man looks back on his life as an outlier. Continue reading →.

Transit Captives

Many people with disabilities depend on public transportation to get around in an unsympathetic world. Continue reading →.


Keegan Clements-Housser

I graduated from the University of Oregon's School of Journalism and Communication with a B.S. in Journalism in 2014, and I made the leap to the big city by way of an internship with Portland Monthly. The internship turned into a long-term freelancing gig, and I decided that I liked Portland enough to stay.

While at the UO I wrote for the Oregon Daily Emerald/Emerald Media Group as a senior reporter, the multiple award-winning and nationally renowned student newspaper. This is the same publication that some in the industry, including Poynter and Columbia, think might just be exploring the path of the future of not just collegiate journalism, but professional journalism as well.

I've also written and edited for the University of Oregon's flagship publication Flux Magazine, and served as the Web Editor (think Executive Editor for web content) for Ethos Magazine, the University of Oregon's multicultural magazine. Both have won multiple first place Pacemaker awards, as well as individual Hearst and ACP awards.

Most recently I created and filled the position of Publisher/President for Envision Journalism, the University of Oregon's environmental publication. Together with the Editor-in-Chief, I turned it into one of the fastest growing environmental publications in the University of Oregon, if not the Pacific Northwest.

I've also worked for OR Media, an award-winning media production company based out of the University of Oregon. While there, I helped produce Rogue Territory, a multimedia story about the extreme challenges faced by Josephine County after voters have refused for years to pay taxes that would allow public services like the fire and police departments to function. My team and I took fifth out five teams selected by the Hearst Foundation to receive a Hearst Award for team multimedia - the collegiate equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize.

Finally, I've freelanced for KVAL, Eugene's CBS affiliate. I also designed the websites of both Ethos and Envision.

It may sound like a cliché, but for me, journalism is more than just a profession: it's a calling. There are few things I wax idealistic about, but journalism is one of them. I truly believe that the service we provide is absolutely essential to the health of the heart and soul of any democratic society, and I could not be happier providing that. Not everyone gets to look forward to their work, knowing that they're making a difference. We're some of the lucky few.

Plus, I just love hearing a good story. Who doesn't?



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